The 2 Week Diet Plan – Lose Weight Without Exercise

If you want to lose your weight then the simple way is that “eat fewer calories than you burn.” There are two methods through you can burn your fat one is if your diet contains more calories than doing enough exercise so they can be burn. Secondly, eat the foods which have fewer calories and can fulfill you. This will helps you to lose your weight without hard work out.

how to loss belly fat

Tip 1. Examine your body how much enough calories your body need to stay fit. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, an inactive men needs multiply bodyweight by 13, and sedentary women multiply bodyweight by 10 calories. The resulting number is the calories needed to maintain your body weight.

Tip 2. Now you have the total number of calories taken to stay fit. You need to burn 3500 calories to lose 1 lb if you don’t want to do a workout than cut calories from your diet.

Tip 3. Maintain a food diary. You can use an online diary or an app also to keep track of a number of calories you eat. A food diary also helps you notice whether you have a tendency to overeat certain times of the day. So you can change your bad habit of overeating.

Tip 4. Drink water as much as possible. Water is the natural drink for the weight loss. It also reduces your belly fat.

Tip 5. Don’t eat junk foods such as, pizza, burgers, and foods that have high calories and low in nutrients. Because high-calorie foods do not contain nutrients and they increase fat across the belly. So avoid these types of foods.

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